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Sika® Florseal WB-18  is a ready-to-use; water-based, clear, high gloss, non-yellowing, acrylic emulsion cure and seal. They are applied to new concrete substrates after the final finishing operati...
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SMOOTH FINISH COATING  Sikafloor®-261 CA is a two-component, solid colour, high solids, silicone-free, low-viscosity, self-priming, glossy epoxy resin available in an unlimited colour range. Typica...
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VERTICAL-GRADE, EPOXY COVING AND DETAILING MORTAR Sikafloor® Morritex® Epoxy Cove Mortar is a pre-proportioned, three-component, vertical-grade coving and detailing mortar based upon a solvent-free...
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FanFold by Plasti-Fab® - 48" x 24" x 1/2 It is designed to provide a continuous insulating underlayment that will help to reduce air leakage that can create drafts that carry dust and dirt into the...