Sika® Florseal WB-18

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Sika® Florseal WB-18  is a ready-to-use; water-based, clear, high gloss, non-yellowing, acrylic emulsion cure and seal. They are applied to new concrete substrates after the final finishing operations are completed to form a film that retains mix water allowing normal hydration. This film remains as a protective surface sealing treatment that greatly reduces dusting and increases stain resistance of the cured concrete. Product is available in two solids contents: Sika® Florseal WB-18 & -25.

Sika® Florseal WB-18 is an economical cure and seal that meets the moisture retention requirements of ASTM C309 Type 1, Class A.


  • Excellent moisture retention produces a durable concrete surface through optimum curing.
  • Reduces dust on new and existing concrete substrates by forming a film that seals the surface.
  • Protective sealer that resists some mild acids, alkalis and oils that may damage concrete.
  • Increases stain resistance and cleanability by sealing the surface pores.
  • Protects against damage from sudden rainfall.
  • Easy application, one coat effectively cures and seals concrete surfaces. No additional burlap or polyethylene sheeting is required.
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